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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rusty Fuel Tank and Other Issues

We've all heard the phrase, "It's got to get worse before it gets better" well that pretty much sums up where we are this week. I knew from day one that the gas tank was going to need replacement due to the rust inside and in the words of the previous owner, "It's like the Titanic inside there" he summed it up pretty well. After a bunch of looking around on the web and a few phone calls it appears that the quickest, (read: cheapest, I hope) method to resolution is fix the tank myself. So until a better option comes to mind here's the plan.

The Fuel Tank Plan:
1. fill with water  - DONE
2. Cut open with Sawzall  - DONE
3. Sandblast
4. Re-weld
5. Seal the inside and paint the outside
6. Find a new fuel gauge sensor (this could prove tough)
7. Find new straps and install

After four Sawzall blades and a couple zaps from a wet Sawzall the tank came apart pretty well. It had a ton of loose rust in the bottom, an inch or two in some places but overall it looks fixable and the metal is very thick which should make it pretty easy to weld.

Now I need a welder! It's this exact predicament that every tool loving guy dreams of; Dig into a project for the good of the "Family" and wouldn't you know it, the only thing holding you back is a particular tool or in this case "welder." Next thing you know, not only can the whole family can tell you what a welder does, their behind you in your selfless quest for another tool to fill a void in the workshop. Wish me luck, we'll see how it works out.

Next Stop, Lunch

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