Adventures And Restoration Of Our 1973 Travco 220 Motorhome

Monday, July 18, 2011

90 degrees, electrical and a bunch of cleaning

The first week home with the Travco, yes I called it Travco, apparently if you own a Travco you affectionally name it with the likes of Myrtle or Blue Whale, I'm cool with that, I'm just bringing myself up to speed with Travco ownership. So I guess while I think about the name, I'll refer to it as Travco.

The first week home with the Travco was mostly spent sitting in the drivers seat pushing buttons and pulling switches to see what worked and what did not. My goal is to firstly concentrate on the major driving functions then evolve to the camping functions. This past weekend we finally started digging into the electrical, pulling out and disconnecting forty years of add-ons that no longer work, CB radio, misc switches that lead to nowhere and the factory option "Waste Destruction System" which sounds pretty interesting but in lieu of a working exhaust system and a bunch of complicated wiring, we took it out.
The goal of the system was to grind up the waste from the black water tank and slowly feed it into the exhaust therefore incinerating it. Sounds good but currently my exhaust is suspiciously missing approximately a four foot section right where the system would have connected. I am also not sure we would make any friends on the highway with the possible smell coming from the exhaust as stated by my oldest son. It's a good point.

The current state of the electrical stands, I have headlights but no running lights, instrumentation lights or horn along with a few disconnected or burned wires which at the moment I have no idea where they lead to. I am going to try to trace the wires with a wiring wiring schematic that I found on mytravco.com. Electrical aside, we were able to clean the fridge, which at this point we still don't know if it works and the stove/oven which looks as new.

I could use a cold Coke right now. Next Stop, Lunch.


  1. I might know of a toilet that would work if your replacing it. I met a guy in Muskegon who is striping his out. Im getting the shower, though wouldnt want the toilet. I use a porta potty some times -

  2. Currently, I'm not sure if the toilet works or not. I just picked up the PEX tubing to fix my water leak and then we will try it again.