Adventures And Restoration Of Our 1973 Travco 220 Motorhome

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Exterior Quick Update

We are starting to make progress and the Travco is definitely starting to look presentable but I am courious how the finish is going to hold up.

My options as yours when working to bring back the finish of an old gel-coat are:
1. Sand, Polish and Wax ( Been there done that )
2. Paint
3. Sealing with High Gloss Zep Floor Sealer. (I recently learned about this from the Myrtle Blog)

I tried the sanding and polishing version and it works pretty well, yet water still gets into the crazing and grows mold quickly, which is the black streaks that seem to form overnight, meaning about time I work all the way around, I start over and do it again. I know this because I have been going around and around this thing for three years. (again, don't remind my wife)

So... This fall I am attempting a combo of verison 2 and 3 from above. I'm painting the areas that are missing gel-coat or the gel-coat is to thin and sealing the whole unit with Zep floor sealer. I tried a couple tests and I think it might work.

In my current test, I have tried both wiping it on and spraying it on. I'll keep you posted.

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