Adventures And Restoration Of Our 1973 Travco 220 Motorhome

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's in the Details

Where does time fly? Summer is over, another season of working on the Travco is nearing an end and I'm still not on the road. Thinking with a much clearer mind today than when I purchased this rv a few years ago, it seems that taking on a project of this magnitude might not have been the best idea. (Don't share this with my wife. I hate it when she's always right) I will admit that it was not my intention to get into a big project at this point in my life with having five kids ranging from college to a one year old and being self employed, but my goal was actually the complete opposite. My goal was to go enjoy the Travco and have some good cheap fun with the family. It's the sacrifice any good dad would make for his family, right? Is it my fault I looked under the carpet?

Well,  where are we on this project? Not as far as I would like to be but we keep making progress. 

Currently list:
1. Basic mechanicals have been addressed, see previous blog posts
2. Basic 12 volt electric's have been addressed and are ongoing. I would think a new fuse box would be in order.
3. Purchased fabric and in process of resewing seat covers
4. Needs flooring and kitchen cabinet refinishing completed 
5. Welded new passenger floor structure and subfloor
6. Replaced entry steps and supporting structure

Current Project - Finish Exterior
I have sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded and
polished and polished and polished..... you get the picture.

No amount of sanding or polishing is going to remove the stress cracking in the gelcoat yet I think the end result is going to be very acceptable. Once completed, I'll post final pics. This past weekend, I painted the door and a bunch of small detail parts. It's this last detail phase of the project that gets fun.  Up until now, it felt like 99% work with no show and once you get to the final assembly steps the whole project jumps to life.

Winter is coming and I need this thing closed up.

Next Stop Lunch.


  1. Looking good! I wish mine looked as good as yours, but the scare factor of mine is OK too.

  2. Thanks, It's definitely starting to look presentable